I whip my hair back and forth

Thank god, I have a break from school. So that means that I'm going to live like its saturday everyday this week. Unfortunately I also have to work a lot, but at the end of this week I'll get my salary. Can't wait for that moment to happen, cause i'm basically broke at this moment :)


Stone Ring

         I wish I had rings like these! I just can't find a place to buy these kind of rings.

               Does anyone maybe has a online shop where i could buy such a ring?


New Fur Coat

I'm in love with my new fur coat. I bought it at a secondhand shop, which I love also.
I just like the fact that in secondhand shops, theres a story behind the clothing.
What do you guys think? :)



Next month, I'm going to get a tattoo. Im really exited, but everone is saying that I shouldn't get a tattoo, cause you can regret it or something, But I dont want to wait!
I all ready found the perfect tattoo, and I know execly where I want to have it.

And I have to say sorry, cause it was such bad weather this weekend in Holland, I didn't make any pictures, Next weekend i'll do it! :)



 Hi There, today was a boring day. It was raining all fucking day long. I hate rain, it really makes me cranky.
I was sodden from head to toe. So now I'm in my pajamas.
Im gonna make outfit pictures on saturday, so you'll see some new pictures very soon.
Oh, and if you like dubstep, Listen to this:


Daphne Groeneveld

This is Daphe Groeneveld. She's a Dutch sixteen year old girl. I think she's gorgeous, her face is so stunning!
 She allready has a big carreer, she was on the cover of VOGUE, and she's working the catwalk of big disigners.


Analog Camera

I borrowed a old analog camera from my best friend, because she didn't used it.
It was the first time for me to photograph, and I love it!
I love old pictures, I think they say so much more then those new digital pictures..
When my roll of film is full, i'll scan some pictures and share them with you :)
Oh, and i'm going to make some outfit pictures.
So you'll see them soon!



Pretty Woman

I want to dye my hair for such a long time! But all my friends say that I shouldn't dye it,
I wish I had her haircolour, and if i'm going to dye it, it'll be a colour like hers.
But first I have to save my money (which i'm really bad at..)
Then I'll dye my hair, and maybe buy a little car! :)