Pictures Of The Past

Sorry for the lack of posting, I was very busy with school. Just had my test week, which I failed miserably!
My film roll of my analog camera is finally full, but I have no money to pay for the pictures..
Sometimes I just hate myself for spending all my money on stupid things,But everything happens for a reason I guess, maybe the things I bought aren't that stupid at all.
I did bought a lot new clothes :) You guys'll see them as soon as I made pictures with my sweet friend.
Hope you have a nice day/night wherever you are in the world!




Pastels and Spring

I can't wait for the spring. The sun always makes me happy, and thats really what I need rigth now,
things that make me happy. All these pastel colours made me think about the spring.
Let's pray it won't take too long for the sun to shine again! :)




these are some picture I made a time ago. I'm just in love with the sky, it's so beatiful.
I also think these picture turned out better then expected, cause the sun was shining bright that day,
And it looks on the picture like its night.